Gain an advantage by increasing your knowledge


A spinner is a device that will help you accomplish more by using what you already have.You do not need special skills to resurface bowling balls.A little information is enough to get started and reap the benefits.

The road to victory is based on your knowledge and how you use it.

Regardless of whether bowling is just a hobby or you live from tournament to tournament, the way you prepare and carefor your equipment determines whether you will enjoy the game and achieve satisfactory results.The UPGR8 SPINNER project was created to increase your possibilities.

1. Here' wht you need to rejuvenate the bowling balls:

- UPGR8 Bowling Ball Spinner,
- Abralon,
- water.

For basic rejuvenation of reactive bowling balls, you don't need anything else. The purpose of the procedure is to peel off the top layer of the ball and to obtain new rejuvenated surface pores with proper structure and cleaned (from dirt and oil) to a depth that cleaning fluids cannot reach.

If you want a high gloss or other surface properties, you will need pastes and other agents that you must use according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

2. Rejuvenation:

Step 1 Position the ball as shown in the graphic.

Top view - step 1

Spray the abralon wiper with water. Turn on the spinner and start sanding the surface of the ball to half of its total height. With the UPGR8 SPINNER and its integrated housing, you don't have to worry about getting splashed.

Then repeat the sanding process in each step.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

3. What kind of ball surface to look for?

If you're a professional bowler, there's no doubt you know exactly what you need. However, if you're just starting out, go with the manufacturer's recommendations on the surfaces - this information can be found on their website or in the bowling ball documentation.

With the UPGR8 SPINNER, you can professionally perform the following:

Rejuvenate the bowling ball
Change the properties of the surface
Remove scratches and cracks
Restore the original properties of the ball
Clean the ball